Patch mid may maybe?

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I really hope they bring out a patch sooner than later, because I have the same problem as the blog poster from 1up. I read a lot about nasty stuff like broken saves and crashes, and when I had my very first own crash, I immediatly lost all motivation to play even a single minute without a patch.

Funny side note:

My very first crash happened in the intro scene.... where the fake crash was supposed to happen... it really crashed completely. I still don't know if that's very clever or very embarassing. xD

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It crashed in the same spot for me once each on new game and new game +.  I think the root of the problem is rotating the screen too many times before the "kill screen" starts.  As long as you only rotate the required number of times (three I think) and no more, it will work as intended.
Also, I've found it's really easy to rotate your way right through the exterior walls of the boiler room.  It will even quicksave you once you're outside.  You can fly around in the black void no problem.  Thankfully if you reload the game, Gomez will spawn inside the room as normal. 

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Patch is on the way.


GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: the patch is getting submitted to microsoft today! a quick cert, and it should be out before the end of the month!

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