So no FEZ for the PC, eh? (why?)

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@Sin4profit said:

From what i've heard FEZ won't be coming to the PC because "Phil Fish wanted to emulate the retro console experience"? Has anyone heard this dude say this? i would like to play FEZ but i'm not buying any XBLA games for fear of them being obsolete when the next console rolls around.

The thing that bugs me is, if this is the case, how pretentious are you as a game designer where your reason for excluding it from platforms because it doesn't emulate that retro feeling? Like back in the old days when we downloaded our video games onto our consoles from the internet? My computer is hooked up to a TV, i have a 360 controller hooked up to it, How is that experience any different from the console experience?

Really i'm wondering if any of you have heard anything about the notion of why FEZ won't be coming to PC? Is this thing i heard, from one of the Rev3 gaming shows, true or is it something else Phil has said that's being taken out of context?

Either way it's kind of a bummer i'll never get to play FEZ as i like the art style, but the idea behind why it's not coming to PC, if true, really kinda disgusts me.

Is this the fist instance of "hipster douche baggery" in gaming design or am i over reacting?

@SoyBob said:

Just like Alan Wake's "This is a couch experience", I'm going to guess that Microsoft have a timed exclusive and it'll be on PC by the end of the year.


However, I agree that his dumb excuse of "I want to create a retro experience" is horseshit. I was never worried... look at the history of these indie games. Braid and Limbo both ended up on steam or in a humble bundle within a year or 2.

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I have an Xbox 360, but I too would rather play it on PC after hearing about the few instances of slowdown on the Xbox version. Even if the same version with that slowdown comes to PC, I'll likely just be able to power through it and keep the game running at a solid 60. Plus, my monitor is nicer than my TV.

I've heard rumors of a 3DS version... I think the game would look incredible in 3D, but I'm wondering if that system would even be powerful enough for it. Seems like he'd have to cut some corners to get it to run on there, especially in 3D, where you're basically running the game twice...

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