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I've found something with the treasure maps that I haven't seen mentioned before. I'm not sure if it's some kind of clue or an audio glitch. At some times, when I view the BACK of a treasure map, I get garbled audio that sounds like it might have some data hidden in it (I'm not good at extracting that kind of thing). It only happens under certain conditions, which I haven't figured out, but I'm able to get it to work if I do the following:

-Go to the waterfall room (the one with the large statue pouring water out of its mouth.

-Rotate until you're looking at the large door which - before you opened it - only showed it's password at certain times during the day.

-Go into that door, then come back out.

-Go into your treasure maps and spin one of them around backwards.

I have a feeling this isn't the only way to get it to happen, but like I said I can't figure out what triggers it. Has anyone ever found this, or can anyone get it to happen for themselves?

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