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As a PS3 and Mac owner, I have long been awaiting the release of Fez on a platform I owned. Now that the game is available on Steam for Mac and I have begun Gonzo's epic quest of yellow cube gathering and world rotating, I had a quick question for those who have already played this game: should I be taking note of all the odd diagrams throughout the game-scape? I have tried to avoid reading/listening to discussions about the puzzle solving aspects of this game as much as possible, but with the bombardment of symbology throughout the levels, I wanted to simply ask if I will be rewarded for taking meticulous notes on what I'm observing, or if I will just be wasting my time trying to reproduce it all for naught. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks y'all!

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It's going to depend on how much willpower you have. Even if you did write down all the clues, you'll likely miss quite a few connections. So it is going to depend on how much time you would be willing to try and figure it out; if it isn't going to be that long, then you''ll just be wasting time taking meticulous notes. I got about 70% of everything without writing things down or looking stuff up.

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