Too many anti-cubes, am I screwed?

#1 Posted by WalkerD (488 posts) -

I currently have 30 anti-cubes, but I still have the Boiler room cube, security question cube, the room with the burned map symbol on the ground, and the bell left to do. Did I screw something up? I hear if you have more than 32 anti-cubes you're pretty much fucked as far as getting the real ending is concerned.

#2 Posted by VictorViper (17 posts) -

You don't get an anti-cube for the security question or the burned map, I believe.

#3 Posted by Daveyo520 (7434 posts) -

I accidentally got an extra one and I can not get the second ending. It sucks. I hope it patches or something :(

#4 Posted by washablemarkers (101 posts) -

Same thing happened to me. I got all of the extras and unlocked the last achievement when I got my final cube. I went through the door and... nothing. It's a bummer but at least I had the experience.

#5 Posted by drag (1212 posts) -

Yeah only the boiler room and the bell will give you an anti-cube. You are good to go.

#6 Posted by onan (1344 posts) -

How are people getting extra cubes? I got two pieces of a red cube but they're not showing up on my inventory at all and I have no idea what to do with them.

#7 Posted by Bravestar (390 posts) -

gimme one of your anticubes. I want the first ending back. I like it better.

@onan: there is another door.

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