Trouble with the Security Question (puzzle glitched)

#1 Posted by mikeblais (9 posts) -

So my friend and I solved the security question puzzle yesterday and he put the solution into his game while I was away, got the red cube, everything is kosher

But today when I try to do it I can't get the red cube to come up.

It IS being solved correctly (spelling vertically right to left, equal spacing between the walls and blocks on all sides), but no matter how I rotate the room or anything like that the red cube will not come and I don't get the "puzzle solved" noise.

I've watched videos online and I'm doing everything identical so I'm confused as the what this problem could be, but maybe it's happened to someone else? The only thing I can think of is that if you go into 3D view on the blocks at the start they're in a perfect diagonal line...maybe they need to be like that? but all the videos I've seen of people doing it don't account for that so I think that might be overthinking the issue

#2 Posted by Megalon (1457 posts) -

Maybe switch the two "T" blocks? I think it matters which one is where in the word.

#3 Posted by onan (1333 posts) -

I did mine oriented to the door, lined up on the original snap-to positions. 3D orientation doesn't matter, side view doesn't matter. I spin two times to see the back and it worked.

#4 Posted by Tommy_Gun (8 posts) -

The alphabet has actually been translated sideways. This is the correct orientation. Make sure they're spaced apart (mine actually weren't all spaced apart, but it worked). And yeah, try switching the T's.

#5 Posted by itsCam (2 posts) -

@Tommy_Gun: It needs to be solved the other way. From right to left. So also mirroring images accordingly.

#6 Posted by mikeblais (9 posts) -

It was just the T blocks needing to be swapped. Thanks guys! Kind of a silly...bug? But glad it got sorted nonetheless

getting to play without guides has been tons of fun so hopefully that's the last thing that stumps me!

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