Water receding question, please avoid spoilers

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Can someone with sufficient knowledge in a binary (yes or no, that's all I want) way tell me whether or not the acquisition of the 32nd yellow cube is what causes the water to recede? I have 2 different files with equal progress, but I've gotten the same number of anti-cubes from different sources, so I'm not sure if, in my other file, something else caused the water to recede.

I purposely have AVOIDED looking online for everything else, and I haven't done ANY searching on this topic in order to AVOID SPOILERS. So if there are any active mods who've got the relevant and accurate answer, please give me either a yes or no and then lock this thread, or lock it once someone else answers.

TLDR: please use one word (yes or no) in telling me whether or not acquiring the 32nd yellow cube causes the water to recede.

Thanks in advance.

#2 Posted by Jeff (5288 posts) -

No. Cube collection does not lower the water.

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Thanks, Jeff and ShiftyMagician. Mods may lock and delete.

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