phatmac's Fez (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Too obtuse for most to enjoy.

Fez requires some time to truly understand. Unfortunately, most people probably won't discover nearly everything that is abound in Fez. The main story of Fez is a decent platforming adventure with a neat gimmick. You play as Gomez, a fez wearing 2D guy in a 2D world. The story picks up as a 3D cube invades the world and transforms it. The main hook of Fez is to rotate different dimensions to progress through different areas. The map may be confusing at first, but you'll understand it soon enough. What makes Fez so great is the secrets that it hides and what you don't know. The problem with this is that most people won't be able to find these secrets. Most people may end up simply beating the game and never deciphering the code. The game is still decent, but the true reason why Fez is amazing is the revelation of what really is going on in Fez. Other than that the game has a ton of problems. Bugs and slow down on certain sections are also problematic. Fez is more than just an indie platformer. Upon further inspection, Fez is more complex than it seems. You'll just have to see things in a different perspective.


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    One of the many secret messages in Fez reads, “Trapped in a fez factory. Please send help.” This is a plea straight from the mouth of the game’s creator, Phil Fish, who for nearly five years, was trapped within the padded walls of his own creation. This game all but killed him, clawing away at his health, psyche and relationships.And it shows.Fez is the chronicle of Phil Fish’s descent into madness as he struggled to develop the game, and through endless mystery, obfuscation and complexity, it i...

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