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Fez (you spin me right round baby)

Fez, It's fun cubed

Almost five whole years have passed since Fez was first announced by creator Phil Fish in 2007. But after what would appear to be a rather lengthy wait, it was finally released to the world on Friday the 13th 2012. Unlucky for some, but not for Polytron’s mind bending new platform puzzler, which has been met by fantastic reviews and much acclaim overall. So much time in the making seems to have suited Fez well as this is one game that was definitely worth waiting for.

On first glance of the game you are entering into the rather well known world of the two dimensional platform game. Within around ten minutes you are introduced to your third dimension while still appearing as a 2D game on the surface. But in comparison with what you have to come this is the simple bit to ease you in to what the game world really has to offer. Fez then proceeds to give you puzzles to solve and codes to decipher that rival any Professor Layton game that Level 5 and Nintendo could throw your way.

In comparison to many games, Fez, in my opinion,maintains just the right level of difficulty. It is hard without being stressful and how deep you wish to delve into the puzzles and codes is entirely up to you. The game itself being possible to complete purely by using jumps and turns. However, if you are intent on either completing the game to one hundred per cent or gaining as many achievement points as possible you are going to have to face much harder challenges when you go chasing anti cubes and artifacts.

You'll Love it!

Fez is one of the most enjoyable arcade games that I’ve played recently. One of the main reasons for this being that I have neither found it to be frustratingly difficult nor too easy to the point where you wonder why you have wasted your time on the game at all. If you enjoy a challenge and relish the thought of having your mind boggled just the right amount, then Fez is definitely the game for you.

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