thereddeath's Fez (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Beautiful and Relaxing, but Cryptic

When I first started playing Fez, I found the game to be incredibly relaxing. You play the game as Gomez, who just so happens just to get a fez and can rotate the world, and that's about it with the setup. From there you hop around and get cubes.

The first opening hours of Fez are quite easy. Bits of cubes are everywhere, and you just need to jump to them to get them. If you can't get to one, just rotate the world, and you'll figure it out. While you're just leisurely jumping around, the sound track and the bright pixel environments will invoke thoughts of nostalgia as well as relax you even further.

But then those easy cubes dry up, and you're wondering, what the hell you do to get more cubes. This is where Fez suddenly ramps up it's difficulty and gets really hard. Fez is incredibly cryptic in how to solve puzzles. There's so many symbols and hints that you just don't know what is important and what isn't. They're also incredibly scattered, where hints that are connected are on opposite sides of Fez's large world. Simply put, you're going to put that degree in linguistics to good use, as solving the puzzles of Fez are going to require a very high level intelligence from you.

Being an indie game, Fez didn't have a massive QA department behind, and it does have bugs. I've had the game freeze up and sometimes I've had entire rooms pop in. Also, Fez's map isn't the most useful map system ever and takes some getting use to. While Fez has it's technical problems, it's easy to endure it's shortcoming for it's great experience.

Fez's relaxing atmosphere and gorgeous soundtrack and environments make it easy for me to recommend. Be fore warned that while Fez starts of easy, it's going to get hard, but at least when you conquer these puzzles, you feel like you've done something, and you will enjoy it every step of the way.


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