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Epic Weapons

Simultaneous with the discovery of Kunark, several adventurers began to speak of fabled weapons of unfathomable power. They told tales of marathon quests that yeilded these weapons to members of each class from Bards to Warriors. These quests would each span the world and often into the planes of the gods. Some tasks could be completed alone, but many would require a small army of commrades to complete. Each class' weapon is easy to spot, not just for their unique design, but because of the particle effects eminating from the weapon. Through the hard work of many pioneers, each class' epic weapon was discovered, some easier than others.

The Fiery Defender

The Fiery Defender features a winged, golden hilt with a blade made entirely of flame. The two-handed epic weapon boosts a paladin's strength, stamina, wisdom, health, and mana. It is infused with the power of a spell known as Holy Shock, which stuns an enemy while decreasing their health simultaneously.

The Epic Quest

North Freeport

Paladins were technically the first class to have an epic weapon. Long before the discovery of Kunark, paladins across Norrath dedicated themselves to obtaining the Fiery Avenger. Obtaining the new epic weapon, the Fiery Defender, requires the possession of the Avenger first. Obtaining the Fiery Avenger is an epic quest in of itself. The first step is earning a sword known as Soulfire, which begins in the Hall of Truth in North Freeport. Kalatrina Plossen is trusting enough to reveal that they have a spy within the ranks of the Freeport Militia. He has been made and she wants someone to deliver a note to him. The Militia have beaten him nearly to death, but he is able to get a burned parchment to you to take back to Kalatrina. The note speaks of a man named Zimel, a great blacksmith who knew the secrets of enchanting blades. After some discussion with various people in Freeport, a Dwarven smith named Groflah Steadirt is revealed to have been Zimel's best friend.

East Freeport

Groflah can be found at his forge during the day, but around 1:00 AM each night, he is much more talkative at the Seafarer's Roost in East Freeport. Groflah recognizes the burnt parchment as a price list that once hung on the wall of Zimel's Blades, a shop in East Freeport that has been condemned after Ariska Zimel's disappearance. Groflah tells a tale of when he and Zimel were once travelling through Lavastorm Mountains and saw a band of Dark Elf shadow knights rush into battle with another faction. The Dark Elves' leader, Pietro Zarn, left behind a great sword glowing with energy, which led Zimel to believe that it did not belong to this Dark Elf anyway, so he snuck into the camp and took it. Zarn soon came to Freeport searching for his sword, which he called Soulfire. Groflah fears Zarn must've found Zimel. A bard in the tavern often sings a song in honor of the leader of the Freeport Militia, Lucan D'lere, and a lowly beggar in the bar mentions his hatred for Lucan for imprisoning he and his friend, Zimel.

High Keep

The beggar's name is Tykar Renlin and he is willing to tell more about Zimel in return for bottles of champagne. Tykar has a guilty conscious for taking a blanket from Zimel's prison cell while they were both imprisoned in the arena. He requests that it be returned for him to Zimel who is still imprisoned there, and has apparently gone mad. Only one prisoner currently resides in the prison, and he mumbles gibberish. Mentioning the name of Zimel, then presenting the blanket along with some edible goo and bog juice causes the prisoner to offer a key, which after some deciphering of gibberish should be delivered to the bank clerk in High Keep. The key is to a safe deposit box which holds a note from Brother Hayle to Zemil confirming that Hayle will keep Soulfire in secret until Zemil returns or is presented a note from a noble member of the Hall of Truth. Brother Hayle is currently in South Karana working to eliminate the threat of gnolls for the people of Qeynos. He is relieved to be free of Soulfire, but can only relinquish it to someone who can show proof of nobility. He requests a testimony of truth, sword of faith, and Soulfire's hilt, which has been stolen by a Troll named Xicotl.

Upper Guk

The sword of faith can only be obtained by defeating Sir Lucan D'Lere himself in Freeport, which will obviously require significant assistance from others. Xicotl can be found sneaking around in Lesser Faydark, and defeating him will earn the Soulfire hilt. The testimony must be earned through a series of tasks provided by Merko Quetalis in the Hall of Truth. Returning the three items to Hayle convinces him that Soulfire should have a new owner.

The second requirement in claiming the Fiery Avenger is obtaining a magical sword known as Ghoulbane. There are several options available to earn this weapon. The proper way is through a quest offered by Ryshon Hunsti in West Karana, which consists of slaying certain undead and goblins across the world. For those wishing to take a shortcut on the side of evil, one could slay the froglok shin lord in Upper Guk or Joren Nobleheart, a paladin who resides in the magician's guild in North Felwithe.

Plane of Sky

The actual Fiery Avenger quest begins with Dason Goldblade, an efreeti in the quest halls of the Plane of Sky. After speaking to Dason and bribing his friend Dirkog, Inte Akera will appear on the fourth isle to explain how to earn the Fiery Avenger. Akera is an Erudite paladin of legendary virtue who has since retired and decided to live out his days in Veeshan's realm. He believes that the two most important qualities in any paladin are nobility and sacrifice. He requests that a paladin seeking his blessing give to him items that prove to him that one understands these qualities. Offering Akera the Soulfire blade is enough to earn the blessing of nobility, while the Ghoulbane is proof enough for the blessing of sacrifice. Akera then admits that he was never able to defeat his greatest foe, the original and leader of the Heretics of Paineel, Miragul. If one could bring the head of Miragul and his robe to Akera along with Akera's blessings, he promises to hand over his flaming sword as a reward.

Nagafen's Lair

Finding Miragul will prove to be the most difficult part of this entire process. The one man who can help is the Oracle of K'Arnon, a powerful High Elf that lives in solitude, aside from his paladin guardian, in the Ocean of Tears. The Oracle is eternally seeking knowledge on the grandest scale. He seeks to compile the Tome of Ages, chronicling the history of time itself. He says the tome consists of seven books: enlightenment, scale, turmoil, monuments, elders, blood, and the lost. The one he is currently most interested in is the Book of Scale, which chronicles the history of the dragons of Norrath. As one would imagine, parts of the book are held by dragons. A torn, burnt book can very rarely be found among the spoils after the defeat of Lord Nagafen, Faydedar in Timorous Deep, Talendor in Skyfire Mountains, or Severilous in Emerald Jungle. The Book of Frost is held by Lady Vox in Permafrost Keep, Faydedar in Timorous Deep, or Gorenaire in The Dreadlands, but it is not among their treasures at all times.

Everfrost Peaks

Once one has obtained the two books, they must be combined into the full Book of Scale. This can be done by paying 1000 platinum pieces to either the bartender of the Blind Fish Tavern in Neriak or Rineval Talyas in North Qeynos. Bringing the Book of Scale to the Oracle gets Miragul's Phylactery in return. Legend states that Miragul attempting to cheat death by extracting his own soul from his mortal body. The legend is true, and the Oracle held the secrets all along. A paladin carrying Miragul's soul must then assemble a battalion of friends, including an enchanter of high skill, and march to the frozen tundra of Everfrost Peaks. Once there, the band of adventurers must swim beneath the frozen river to a hidden cavern which was once Miragul's lair. The enchanter must charm one the Lich of Miragul that resides here in order for the paladin to offer the soul back to the lich. When this is done, Miragul himself will take shape and attack the party for ruining his plans for immortality. Defeating the powerful necromancer allows the paladin to claim Miragul's head and robe. Returning these items, along with the blessings of nobility and sacrifice will earn the Fiery Avenger.

Plane of Fear

The true paladin epic then begins with a wandering skeleton in the Plane of Fear named Irak Altil. He speaks of his disgrace brought about by his failed tasks as a paladin. Irak talks in riddles for does mention a sword, shield, and breastplate that must be cleansed of Innoruuk's twisted will in order to redeem him. Reklon Gnallen, an Erudite paladin in the Temple of Quellious in Erudin, can offer some insight on the plight of Irak Altil. The breatplate, according to Irak, is upon the one whom lured him away from his post, which is the Thought Destroyer in the Plane of Hate. The item needed to cleanse it is a pure crystal, which can be gotten rather easily from a friendly Dwarf in Kaladim named Jark. Reklon will remove the curse upon the breastplate and offer it as a reward until the rest of the task is completed.

The Hole

According to Irak, the sword is in the hands of a brother no longer living, which is referring to the Keeper of the Tombs, an Erudite ghost in the Ruins of Old Paineel, better known as The Hole. To cleanse the tainted sword, one will need pure water, which can be obtained by helping a peasant woman in East Freeport bring water to her ailing brother. Reklon will cleanse it and insist it be used to continue the quest of redemption.

Irak says the shield is among an earthly child of hate that watches over his dark brothers and sisters. He is referring to Kirak Vil in Nektulos Forest. The shield must be cleansed using the light of a clean spirit, which can be done by Ella the Pure in South Felwithe. Returning all three gleaming crested items to Reklon allows him to offer a Mark of Atonement and advise of one final sacrifice that must be done. He states that a sacrifice of something that symbolizing strength and purity must be made to Quellious in order to free Irak's tortured soul. Of course, he is referring to the Fiery Avenger. Handing the Avenger and Mark of Atonement to Irak in the Plane of Fear will redeem him, strengthen his soul, and cleanse him of corruption. As a reward, the Fiery Defender is granted.

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