Any shooting tips?

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I can't for the life of me figure out how to shoot in this game. The only way I can score is on a breakaway if I shoot right before I get to the keeper. Every other shot I take misses the net completely or just slowly rolls towards the net. I've tried the modifiers but nothing I do seems to have an effect. I understand it's a low scoring game but it's starting to frustrate me how hard it is to even hit the net when I have a clear shot.

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So you have to aim down and towards the net with the analog stick, and when shooting do so from  near to the goal (preferably when in the box).  Your not going to make many goals outside of the box. Oh, and I see you mention it slowly rolls toward the net - this would usually happen if your pressing the pass button rather than the shot button.

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squeeze the trigger, don't pull

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Outside of the box from an angle: finesse shot so the ball curls into the corner, around the keeper.

Outside of the box head on: hit with power so it either powers into the top corner at power, or hit it with so much power and dip that it goes over the keeper and in.

Inside the box from an angle: either finesse shot with enough power to go round keeper or tap the button so the ball rolls past the keeper.
Inside the box from head on: aim past the keeper and tap shoot very lightly (tap) so it rolls past.

If keeper comes out, instead of chipping, finesse shot with power so it goes round the keeper.
On weaker foot go for placement rather than accuracy as powerful shots rarely work with your weak foot.
On the volley, make sure to get a good amount of power so it dips.
MAKE SURE TO AIM. so many people press shoot expecting it to go in.

Hope this helps.
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I would say im pretty experienced at FIFA 11 because i play multiple times a week online and with friends since the release. And what totally works in 90% of the cases is the finesse shot as Adziboy mentioned. If you can pull this shot off this is sufficient for most of the situations in the game. So what you do is run towards the goal and press RB (Right Button) while charging the shot with B (red button). Dont shoot too strong, maybe 1/3 or up to 1/2 of the power meter is sufficient for all distances within 25m. Always try to get your shot off around the box line. If you want to do it really perfect then try to make a slight turn just before shooting, such that the player is facing towards the corner of the goal. This will ensure that the finesse shot will actually hit the corner of the goal and not straight onto the goal keeper. Although i have to mention this works best with good scorers like Higuain (Real Madrid), Kaka (Real Madrid) or Van Persie (Arsenal). Sounds complicated but it really isn't! Just go ahed and practice this shot in the arena. It will make all the difference!

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