FIFA 11, is it more than a game? More than pure entertainment?

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What's up everyone? I am posting on behalf of Vbs.TV from New York City and I am part of the Vice TV research team currently working on a promotional project in collaboration with EA Sports and its FIFA soccer video game series. We are seeking individuals, groups of people, and their stories of employing the EA FIFA game in ways which are beyond simple entertainment. With this promo we hope to convey the franchise's transcendence into something bigger, more authentic, and socially relevant than a simple means of leisure. 

Furthermore, we are seeking stories which will demonstrate the diverse and global reach of the game, from a coach in Hong Kong using FIFA games to teach tactics and formations, a young Sudanese teen pursuing his professional soccer dreams through FIFA gaming, to the American adolescents learning the history and tradition of soccer through the game and beyond. 

This isn't spam or some kind of ad, we are seriously looking for people with interesting stories regarding unconventional and non-traditional ways of employing FIFA soccer games. We're reaching out so we can do a promotional project for a product we love as much as you guys do, so if you've got something reach out to us!     

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