Fifa11 GB League

#1 Posted by Dantomet (7 posts) -

I couldn't find a thread on a Fifa11 league. Maybe it's because no one is interested, but I thought i would give it a go anyway. I only have Fifa on my Ps3, so if people are interested you can post your PSN in the thread, and I will make a league if there's enough of us. 
Hope to see some virtual soccerplayers in here! 
Oh and Dantomet is my PSN name also.

#2 Posted by langdon_alger (45 posts) -

just picked this up a few days ago.  very interested in playing in some matches/league.

#3 Posted by EvilGreenDevil (196 posts) -

Long time FIFA fan and would love to have a few matches with some from the GB community. I'm all for a friendly or two if anyone is interested. 

#4 Posted by Lukin (26 posts) -

I was just  reading  Jeff's blog about TNT looking for more interesting multi player games to do as FPS were getting boring. I was surprised how little FIFA was suggested in the comments (think just twice in 26 pages of comments!!) perhaps thats to be expected as sports games don't get a lot of coverage here, especially non American sports.
Anyway I would definitely be up for a GB FIFA league or friendlies, my PSN is Doclukin is this ever gets going 

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