How can I automatically have two different squads in FIFA?

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Any FIFA players around here?

Quick question, do you guys know how I can automatically have two different squads during the career mode?

The thing is, I want to have my main squad for the Premiership and important matches, then a B-team for the league and F.A. cups. This way the reserves and lower ranked players can play some games and maybe improve their stats to join the main team or their stats are good enough to raise their transfer fee.

At the moment I make the changes manually but it’s becoming tiresome.


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If anyone has any info it would be appreciated.

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I don't *think* you can. I've always done it manually, at least.

If you hold down the x button, on the 360, it swaps your starting line up out for another set of players, but it seems kinda random and you'll probably need to make some tweaks.

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Yeah I've wanted something like this for ages, seems weird to me that you can't save line ups and alternate between sets of players and formations, you just need to do it all manually every time :(

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you can in Fifa 12 Ultimate Team. Don't play career anymore just pro clubs and UT.

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Unfortunately there's no option to have more than 1 saved squad

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Thanks for the answers guys. I thought this would get ignored.

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