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A beautiful version of the beautiful game 0

Football titles are fickle beasts. They have tread the tightrope, balancing innovation with refinement. Grand, sweeping changes would alienate the fan base, but there have to be enough advancements to justify the annual price point. The good news is that FIFA 11 is the best footie title yet; the bad news is that the changes wrought on the beloved FIFA 10 might not be to everyone's taste. Right off the bat, FIFA 11 feels different from its predecessor. The highly touted Pro Passing and Personali...

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The beautiful game just got a little bit better 0

 Be A Goalkeeper But not all that much.  It's a funny old game. Every year there's a new football game (or two). It's as if EA Sports are forced to make another football game or something terrible might happen. David Rutter getting sniped in the head or something like that. And this years no different. FIFA 11 trots along and it certainly doesn't dissapoint. But it also doesn't impress much more than FIFA 10 would.   So last year the 'new thing' was 360 Degrees dribbling, which was a major s...

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Pretty good 0

This game was greatly enjoyable for me when i got it. i loved all the gameplay, i loved everything about it! i got FIFA 12 shortly afterwards and FIFA 11 looked really bad compared to FIFA 12. but I have had plenty of good memories with this game. for example, I played a Player Manager career with might Manchester United. i got so into the game, I cried when we won. i got really emotional. i got hooked with this game. i spent hours playing it. so all together, you should really get this game, bu...

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So refined my brain might just collapse in on itself. 0

Why do I buy these games? Really? I don’t follow football, I don’t like particularly like football and the only time I get interested in football is when the world cup is on and even then I’m usually supporting either Japan or Mexico. So why did I get FIFA 11? Well around the time FIFA 09 came out my friends kept telling me to get the game, after about a week of nagging me I finally gave in and bought it at a reasonable price, so having played FIFA 09 and FIFA 10 I think I can give a fair opinio...

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