Manual passing - Is it worth the effort?

#1 Posted by Rokkaku (222 posts) -

Just wanted to ask those around who play Fifa 12 whether they use the manual passing controls on offer. I've been trying it and the learning curve is steep to say the least, but I can see where it would be beneficial once mastered. It is extremely difficult to adjust to, at least for me, so my question is, is it worth the pain and practice to learn?

#2 Posted by chan05 (318 posts) -

I never tried it but I can defininitely see the advantages. Sometimes its just annoying to see that a potentially deadly pass is not going where you want it to. However I think its really only worth the effort if you have friends to play against who are playing with manual control too

#3 Posted by brandondryrock (42 posts) -

Yes, absolutely. I made the switch in FIFA 11. It is totally worth it. When you have absolute control over where the passes are going, you can make some ridiculously awesome passes. Sometimes it can be a bit frustrating, but it can be like that in the real game, which makes FIFA even better. Also, if you do manual shooting, you can score some ridiculously wicked goals.

#4 Posted by Ramone (2967 posts) -

Possibly. I've dabbled and found it quite difficult.

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