Confirmed: FIFA 14 Will Be Shown At The Xbox Event

#1 Posted by Fruitcocoa (593 posts) -

When I saw that Electronic Arts published a pictures teasing FIFA 14 for the Xbox Event I got stoked. I'm a huge FIFA fan and to be honest I think that it's a perfect game to show to a TV audience. Now to a main point - letting FIFA take time in a one hour show kind of tells us what kind of show it will be, right?

So, don't be like - SHUT UP LET'S WAIT TIL' TOMORROW AND WE'LL SEE. Let's play around, what does this mean? FIFA:s home is on the Playstation, for those of you whom missed it. Is this one more step towards the "not just gaming console" that Microsoft will show us tomorrow or is this just one of many surprises we'll be part of tomorrow?

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I think it is microsoft just pushing out to a more international crowd. Xbox did well in America, but trails in europe and asian countries where FIFA sells big. Either way, I am excited for tomorrow. I do work for a lot of Microsoft employees and have been told its going to be a pretty amazing thing, but we will see.

#3 Posted by Jimbo (10267 posts) -

Why would showing FIFA -one of the most popular game franchises around- be a step towards showing it as 'not just a gaming console'?

Not really sure what your point is here?

#4 Posted by EXTomar (5039 posts) -

Hmm, showing one of the biggest, yearly video game franchises in the world is somehow indicating it is "not another gaming consoles"...? I'm curious about this logic.

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The hell are you talking about? What did that Unreal demo or Square Enix demo say about Sony if an actual game means it's not a games console?

It is a bummer because another game I'm not interested in and the reveal is going to be mostly about the OS/Console anyways. Not enough room for other stuff. E3 isn't that far away, I guess :(

#6 Posted by Fruitcocoa (593 posts) -

I play a lot of FIFA and the people I play FIFA with are playing FIFA and just FIFA. Every now and then they buy NHL and if they get real crazy they might buy Madden on a huge sale (most likely drunk). If this is Microsoft trying to say - hey guys, come with us, we have more awesome stuff that you might like it is clearly a new approach. Which I like. But I might be wrong. The people who are interested about video games (who will be talking about this stuff tomorrow) doesn't want to see FIFA taking up time, or am I wrong? I hope so.

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Well you're talking about getting the attention of the wider audience right? Sure but that's not any different to how Microsoft have operated their previous conferences over the last few years anyway.

Oh and I didn't realise Fifa had a home on a specific platform, I thought it was just a video game.

#8 Posted by Fruitcocoa (593 posts) -

@scroll: In Europe the sales on Playstation 3 are waaaaay more then on the Xbox 360 for FIFA.

#9 Edited by randiolo (1151 posts) -

I would love to see what a fifa or pro evo look like on a next gen console. But getting exited for just the next fifa is ridiculous. Its been basically the same game since fifa 09, who cares at this point, especially in america and on the xbox, it sells more on ps3 and in Europe.

#10 Posted by Philantrophy (356 posts) -

Next Next Gen Sweat Tech is what it means.

#11 Posted by Scroll (623 posts) -

@fruitcocoa: Still its a weird statement to make. And I doubt Fifa sells that well outside of Europe.

#12 Posted by 5Figh (173 posts) -

sick im pumped for 14 man

#13 Posted by Darji (5412 posts) -

looks like it will be very EA centered in terms of games. Seems they have some huge deal with them.

#14 Posted by LibrorumProhibitorum (416 posts) -

I think if anything this doesn't say anything about who the console is for and what the console will be and more who this conference is aimed at. Sony's conference was aimed at developers as that is who they need to win over, and Microsoft's seems like it'll be aimed at a very broad audience because that is who they need to win over. Not that Microsoft is looked down on by the general public, but if you don't keep the public's attention they will go away and that's what they need to prevent happening.

#15 Posted by Reisz (1607 posts) -

Really fascinating that Microsoft are showing two cross platform games at their console reveal. What are they doing? I can't wait for tomorrow.

#16 Posted by dekkadekkadekka (772 posts) -

Oh thank god you guys, FIFA is coming out on the new Microsoft console.

#17 Posted by Jimbo (10267 posts) -

I kinda see what you're saying - most of FIFA's audience won't be watching the reveal- but I think 'gamers' buy FIFA too. Maybe not Americans, but it's really outside of America where Microsoft need to step it up against Sony anyway. A large percentage of non-US viewers watching the reveal (or the press coverage of it) will also have some interest in football - it's a very similar demographic.

I guess they'll try to appeal to as broad a base as possible at this point and FIFA is a good choice for doing that. Sports games are also just a really good benchmark for showing off a new console, because anybody looking at it knows what an IRL sports game is supposed to look like and how much closer they have got to that.

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