FIFA 14 PS4 GB Friendly

#1 Posted by JamesAwesome (28 posts) -

Howdy all.

Been playing some FIFA on the PS4 over the weekend and such and thought it might be fun to get together with some of the GB community for a friendly or two.

PSN name CaptainRadical if anyone is interested.

#2 Posted by wilsouk (62 posts) -

Not getting PS4 till Christmas time, bookmarking this for then though.

#3 Edited by Maxxlovins (24 posts) -

I'd be down for this.

PSN - HalcyonRoxx

#4 Posted by wilsouk (62 posts) -

PSN wilsouk

#5 Posted by Piglet (138 posts) -

Add me on PSN! Piglet9303

#6 Posted by Lukin (29 posts) -

Just got this for christmas if anyone is up for a game, I can guarantee you'll win :)

PSN: Doclukin

#7 Posted by darkjohnny47 (152 posts) -

Just got the game and know literally nothing about soccer. I tried the demo and used 2 button controls and had a lot of fun.

Add me if you please.

PSN: darkjohnny47

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