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FIFA Soccer 06 has a great variety of game modes and a very good gameplay. manager mode is a fifteeen year mangerial mode that you need to manage every season and after a season you can change your team. to sucsess you must see that the players are happy upgrade the staff. be careful that your budget dosent fall down or you might get kicked out. tournameent mode is a simple mode where you participate in a legua or ar cup and win with only one team. create a tournament mode is a mode wherre you create a tournament of your own and select a team and win. You can create a player and sign him to a team pretty cool ha? the gameplay is pretty complex with cool moves simple controls but sometimes frustrating. the formation isnt very open you can change playersand the formation nothing complex like and PES. Overall fifa 06 is a great soccer game that will be played for years to come. i play all the time too.

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