futbol_dude10's FIFA 08 (PlayStation 3) review

The Best Football game.

Fifa 08 is an incredible game, its the best soccer game released this year and a must have for any soccer fan or any sports fan.


You can play rank matches and be a pro, you can create your own leagues and play with your friends.


620 licensed teams, 30 leagues and more than 15,000 players will be included on PS3 and 360, making FIFA 08 some 20% larger than the 07 version on old-gen formats.
includes the following

* Austrian Bundesliga
* Australian A-league new
* Belgian Jupiler League
* Brazilian Campeonato Brasileiro
* Czech Grambinus League new
* Danish Superligaen
* Dutch Eredivisie
* Premier League
* Football League Championship
* Football League One
* Football League Two
* French Ligue 1
* French Ligue 2
* German Bundesliga 1
* German Bundesliga 2
* FAI Premier Division new
* Italian Serie A
* Italian Serie B
* Korean K-League
* Major League Soccer (USA and Canada)
* División de México
* Norwegian Tippeligaen
* Polish Orange Ekstraklasa
* Portuguese BWINLIGA
* Scottish Premier League
* Spanish Primera División
* Spanish Segunda División
* Swedish Allsvenskan
* Swiss Axpo Super League
* Turkcell Super League.

With all this features FIFA 08 becomes the best soccer game and if you are a fan you should get a copy.


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