FIFA 13 PC Pro Clubs

#1 Posted by el3 (8 posts) -

Anyone interested in starting a GB Pro Clubs team? I'm having trouble finding anyone to play with on a regular basis and GB users are good people. Add me, xxxTSeNGxxx, on Origin if you're up for it.

#2 Posted by san_salvador (172 posts) -

I have no clue how the EA Pro Club Team thingy works, but if there was a Fifa 13 PC GB squad, I would join the shit out of that. ;)

#3 Posted by FlyingMonkey (3 posts) -

Im Down Add me Orgin I.D :FlyingMonkeyOps

#4 Posted by san_salvador (172 posts) -

Will do!

Where are you from? Thinking of latency and stuff.

#5 Posted by FlyingMonkey (3 posts) -

U.K (london)

this is the first time ivehad fifa on pc but was in a top 50 team last year on ps3

#6 Posted by el3 (8 posts) -

I'm in New England area of US and I've not had latency issues on PC like I did on Xbox. I too was on a pretty good team in FIFA 11, we cracked top 10 for a few weeks but its hard to all the right people on at the same time often enough to get that high up.

You should join in Salvador, kicking around with some GB people and try to get creative on the field.

Added you FlyingMonkey.

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I'm ScrubLeague on PC, I could probably get in on some of this, though my hours are kind of shitty so I'll probably miss you guys most of the time.

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I am still looking for players if anyone is interested. I'm manager of a Division 2 club in need of some regulars in order to progress any further.

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Yes im will good come to you club my origin iD are chrwmohr

#10 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

How long does it take to find a match on PC, I currently play Xbox 360.

#11 Posted by el3 (8 posts) -

I've not had any trouble finding matches of any type on PC. I played on Xbox until last year and the only difference is it looks nicer on PC and I dont have to pay for Live.

#12 Posted by CoolestNerd (3 posts) -

I've been looking to join a pro clubs team for some time now If you guys are still active on pro clubs my origin ID is Co0LeStNerd

#13 Posted by CoolestNerd (3 posts) -

I've added everyone whos given their origin ID on this thread btw

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Hey if this is still active, I'm on the 360. Gamertag: Chewii101

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If this is still active my Origin ID is JMSpurs

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