Virtual pro in Manager mode?

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Does anyone know if there is a way to create a virtual pro and then have them in manager mode. I want to be a manager and be able to make transfers, but also have a created player running about and developing. I know I can create a player manually and put them in my managed team, but its not a virtual pro whose skills develop over time. Its just a stock player.

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I think if you just edit the teams roster before starting a Manager Mode and ad your virtual pro to that roster it should work.

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Either that or try player manager mode. In that mode you can change a setting so that you still control the whole team, and you develop as normal. Even if you transfer, your player comes with you because it's you! Have to be careful selecting contracts though if you move because some will be for just manager and your playing self will disappear

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@theodacourt: They have got rid of player manager mode it seems!

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