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I got it for the PC.

It feels very very good. There seem to be a lot of fun Multiplayer options. 4v4 matchmaking for example - not very pro, but huge fun.

I still have no idea how all that "Make your own club" stuff works, but if there was a giant bomb squad on the PC I would instantly join it. :)

Correction: Not limited to 4v4. I just had a 11vs9(!) online game. That was one of the best things ever in a football game.

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@SexyToad said:

@Wong_Fei_Hung said:

Only on Wii U, I want the on-the-fly gamepad tactics, as well as the graphics.

Why on the Wii U? I'm a Nintendo guy but games like Fifa, Call of duty, and so on doesn't appeal to me on the Wii U. I rather get it on the Xbox 360.

The Wii U version has exclusive features not found on either the 360 and PS3 versions, you can do a load of cool stuff via the GamePad

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PS: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 looks better on Wii U running in 1080p, the other versions run in 720p

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I just ordered a used copy of FIFA12. From what I can tell the difference bwteen a €5 FIFA11 and €13 FIFA12 was worth it since FIFA12 really changed a lot but FIFA13 is just a refinement of FIFA12 so not really worth €50-60 as it costs now when it is brand new. I played the demo and at first I sucked like I always do in football/soccer games but then I learned it and I had the most fun I've had with a FIFA game for a very long time. I just hope that playing the 13 demo doesn't mean that FIFA12 will seem bad when I get it. From what I can tell the changes are pretty small in gameplay. People said that FIFA11 was just like FIFA10. I guess that means they innovate every other year.

Reading the metacritic descriptions really show that.

FIFA 10: On the pitch, critical gameplay fundamentals have been enhanced to ensure that FIFA Soccer 10 mirrors real-world soccer, providing more sophisticated ball control, and physical interaction between...

FIFA 11: EA returns to the field with another installment in its long-running soccer series

FIFA 12: FIFA Soccer 12 brings a new physics engine into the soccer gameplay.

FIFA 13: FIFA 13 is the next iteration in the football franchise.

FIFA 13 is the next iteration in the franchise? you can put that on the box!

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At least they fixed the Impact engine this year....oh wait, no they didn't.

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