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#1 Posted by J0PALACE0K (79 posts) -

So the demo comes out on Feb 28th and I personally am pretty pumped. There are no current threads on here for the game so I felt it would be good to actually see if anyone is interested in the upcoming FIFA street, there is quite alot of information already out about the game so it would be cool to check who's up for it.

Here's a demo walkthrough if you're interested -

#2 Posted by Bollard (6253 posts) -

I'm actually quite looking forward to it! My LIVE runs out before it comes out though...

#3 Posted by Isolated (5 posts) -

Very interested in playing it. Will almost certainly end up buying it when it has dropped to about £20.

I'm glad they seem to have stuck with the same career mode of working your way up and building the best team.

#4 Posted by CptChiken (2058 posts) -

Ehhhh I've never been that into the FIFA street series. On the occasion that I do play FIFA I will stick to the standard version.

#5 Posted by JacDG (2134 posts) -

Depends on the demo, I hate stick control for dribbling, tricks and precision movement in general, because I suck at it, never could pull off anything in regular Fifa, and had trouble doing it in Skate. Looks really cool though.

#6 Posted by J0PALACE0K (79 posts) -

@JacDG: I agree to be honest, I would much rather Street be Street and FIFA be FIFA but this seems more in between. Not really sure what to expect from the demo, just hope it's good

#7 Posted by MrAriscottle (275 posts) -

I loved the original Fifa Street, not so much 2 and 3. This one is looking very good at the moment. Interested to see how it turns out.

#8 Posted by Deranged (1899 posts) -

I'm pumped. I love the FIFA franchise and I'll definitely be getting this.

#9 Posted by Gizmo (5468 posts) -

What is this A-deed-ass he speaks of?

#10 Posted by BoFooQ (863 posts) -

I'm interested, but want to get my hands on the demo. I like regular fifa games but get bored with quickly. I like the idea of a fast quick game of soccer and playing full 11v11 fifa game in 5mins is terrible. Probably wait till I can get this for under $40.

#11 Posted by clumsyninja1 (848 posts) -

I love the free control system, as someone that has played futsal I'm looking forward to create my team. Also, don't mind playing as my dream team: rooney, kaka, messi, villa, and casillas. BTW my team will called The Nadals, look me up.

#12 Posted by TheLastOtaku (44 posts) -

I played some of the demo with a group of friends yesterday that I usually play Fifa 12 with. I'm not great at Fifa 12, but I was kicking their asses in Street (maybe thats because I like the Street games for both football and basketball better). I will buy this game when it comes out, even though it feels weird buying a sports game on day one.

#13 Posted by BlatantNinja23 (928 posts) -

Was excited till the demo came out.... They took almost everything out that made the street games great.

I just wanna run off walls, is that so hard?

#14 Posted by MightyDuck (1610 posts) -

Is anyone still playing this?

I finally got around to playing the demo this week and am really enjoying it. I haven't had a "street" game since the original NBA Street back on PS2, but this seems pretty fun. Is the "career" mode so to speak, fairly lengthy or do you get burnt out on it after a while?

#15 Edited by UberExplodey (974 posts) -

@MightyDuck: Haven't played it in a month. The career isn't that lengthy, it just cycles through the different match types plus some tournaments. I sank about 70 hours into it, mostly playing online with friends, or just messing around when I want to zone out and listen to podcasts. Kinda shelved it after I hit #1 on the US Leaderboards other games came out that I wanted to play (ie ME3 and Witcher)

It's not without its faults (Keeper AI can get super stupid), but I had a good time with it.

#16 Posted by MightyDuck (1610 posts) -

Managed to pick this up at Best Buy for $19.99. It was their online deal of the day. Looking forward to giving it a try this week if anyone is interested in getting a game in.


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