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Many gamers are familar with the concept of fighting to the death but in 1995 Atari introduced a new concept what if people in the after life fought for life? Fight For Life was the game that posed that question, it was however pretty much your standard brawler in all other respect however. While it might of been a competent competitor to something like Way of The Warrior or Fighters History, Atari notoriously chose to market this game as a competitor to games such as Tekken and Virtua Fighter. Put simply the Jaguar could never really hope to be a true competitor to systems such as Playstatiion and Saturn and thus Fight for Life was deemed a failure in many peoples eyes. Control for the game used not only the control pad and three main buttons, but also much of the numeric keypad on the Jaguar controller- making control more difficult than its peers.

Atari was eager to tout that the programmer for the game (possibly the only person working on it) had experience working on the original Virtua Fighter.

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