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Does EA’s latest deliver a knockout blow? 3

A lot of sports games can be criticised for their yearly release schedules, with each new title offering very little from year to year in terms of meaningful new features, instead boiling down to a couple of gameplay tweaks and a roster update. With EA’s Fight Night series there isn’t the burden of annual releases so the team at EA Canada have extra development time to really refine and build upon their previous successes. With Fight Night Champion they’ve surprisingly gone above and beyon...

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Like punching dudes? You should probably play this. 0

 The main attraction in this new Fight Night game is it's Champion mode.Champion mode is a linear, story driven series of fights that puts you in the trunks of fictional pugilist Andre Bishop.It's kind of neat, it shakes things up a bit and adds something not often seen or at least done particularly well in sports games - adds a narrative. Seeing as how the past few games have been more or less the same in terms of game modes, this is a welcome change of pace.Can't say I like it when fights ...

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In the Face! 0

 Fight Night Champion starts out with a bang. As soon as the disc is popped in the tray, players are thrust into the shoes of Andre Bishop, an amateur fighter in the middle of a prison fight. Intensity is high and the stage is immediately set for the fabulous new Champion Mode. The storyline based mode is where FNC really shines, although not without its flaws.     The linear storyline of Andre takes players on a well scripted - if not a little predictable - story of a once great fighter working...

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Fight Night Champion Review 0

Developer: EA SwissPublisher: EASportsEarly on in the Xbox 360, and PS3’s life cycle, Fight Night Round 3 set message boards ablaze with excitement over the impressive visuals on offer, quickly establishing itself as a benchmark that gamers would measure other games up against. Even after Fight Night Round 4, people would still admire the achievements of its older brother. The fifth game in the series Fight Night: Champion takes the lessons learned by its predecessors, and adds a twist of its ow...

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Great Mechanics, Frustrating Story Mode 0

I spent a good amount of time with Fight Night Round 3. The series is absolutely the best when it comes to capturing real boxing mechanics, pacing of a fight and the fun of watching a great knockout. The punch control mapping to the right stick was also a welcome improvement in my mind. All who enjoyed the previous games will find plenty to like here as it is a better looking, better controlling version of the game you know and love. That said, I'll focus on what was supposed to be the highlight...

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Best simulated boxing to date 0

Fight Night Champion is EA’s 2011 Boxing release.  Now not as predictable as the Madden or NHL games, Fight Night has been around for a while and all things considered this is the fifth game with the Fight Night name.  If you have not played a simulated boxing game this is probably a great place to start.      Xbox 360   I don’t often review sports games but the Fight Night series holds a special place in my heart.  I really love a good boxing match but I sometimes fail to have the patience to...

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This is what boxing games SHOULD be 0

When Fight Night Round 3 came to the 360, it really showed exactly what the 360 was capable of, and built a further step on an already established series. Then Round 4 came out, and was generally well received, once again building on the legacy that EA was starting when it comes to making a great boxing title. You could argue that a lot of the other sporting games merely have an updated roster and a new slap of paint on it, so it's easy to fall into the assumption that the same can be said for ...

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