Pay $90, get your online champion belts

#1 Posted by Lind_L_Taylor (3966 posts) -

I was reading about this on xbox achievements & was dumbfounded.
I can't  believe EA would allow a Racket to exist in order to get those
3 online achievements.  You would think they would allow it to reset
after some time or just make it offline or online so it wouldn't matter.
Usually if you want "Title" trophies, it's usually a Leaderboard, not an
Read about how this guy paid 7200 MS points to another dude online
in order to get those 3 achievements.  Just think, if you had to give the
titles back after paying to "borrow" them in order to get your achievements,
you could make a small fortune over this.
I'm totally flabergasted that this is actually happening. Note that in the
thread, the guy says EA will do nothing about & doesn't care!  It ought
to be a crime to let this kind of exploitation take place in a game as it
kind of falls into gambling & one should have to buy an
achievement or have it traded around at high cost, worth more than
the fuckin' game.  It's fuckin' ridiculous.

#2 Posted by Shady (503 posts) -

It wouldn't be the first EA game that had asinine achievements though this one is taking it a bit too far.

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