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Fighter Destiny 2 (known in Japan as Kakutou Denshou: F-Cup Maniax) is a 3D fighting game developed by Opus and published by SouthPeak for the Nintendo 64 on July 14, 2000. The sequel to Fighters Destiny, the game is known for its unique point scoring system (which replaces the traditional round-based system) and unlockable command lists.

Along with enhanced audio and graphics, this sequel adds a mostly-new cast of characters and replaces the Master Challenge game mode with a new board game-inspired Fighter's Arena mode.


Scoring System

Returning from Fighters Destiny, Fighter Destiny 2 replaces the traditional round-based system (in which players gain one victory point for either depleting the opponent's life bar or having the most health when the timer depletes) with a unique scoring system in which players must score a total number of points (seven by default) by doing the following:

  • JUDGE (1 pt.) - Dealing the most damage when the time counter reaches the limit (defaulted to thirty seconds).
  • RING OUT (1 pt.) - Knocking an opponent off the arena.
  • THROW DOWN (2 pts.) - Successfuly throwing an opponent.
  • KNOCK DOWN (3 pts.) - Successfully knocking down an opponent.
  • COUNTER (3 pts.) - Successfully hitting an opponent with a counter-attack.
  • SPECIAL (4 pts.) - Successfully hitting an opponent with a special attack.

When any of the above qualifiers are met, the game resets both fighters back to the middle of the stage and resets the timer back to zero.


  • Fabien (French prince, unlocked by beating Vs. Com)
  • Mou (Hong Kong fighting cow, unlocked by beating Vs. Com with Adrina and then lasting one minute in Rodeo Record Attack, known as Ushi in the previous game)
  • Samurai (Japanese robotic samurai, unlocked by beating Vs. Com with Ninja and then completing Fastest Record Attack in under one minute)
  • Cherry (American transvestite, unlocked by beating Vs. Com with Pierre and then defeating all 100 opponents in Survival Record Attack)
  • Master (Japanese fighting master, unlocked by beating Vs. Com with Sakei and then playing through Fighter's Arena with at least an A for all grades)

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