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The gameplay is very reminiscent of the Street Fighter EX games also developed by Arika. The graphics are 3D but the action is primarily on a 2D plane with the exception of the ability to sidestep.

Some of the gameplay systems included are:

Barrage Blow - A super attack that consumes one bar of meter.

Super Cancel - As in Street Fighter EX it is possible to cancel supers into one another.

Hard Reversal - An attack used to counter the opponent on wake-up, it is performed by pressing the same strength punch + kick whilst landing and consumes one bar of meter.

Hard Attack - A universal guard-breaker similar to the one in the Street Fighter EX games. It can be performed by pressing two attack buttons of the same strength together.

Blow Quit - If timed correctly a normal attack from you and the opponent can clash and cancel each other out.

Easy Combination - If a light punch connects and you keep pressing the button your character will perform a short chain combination.

The game also features a rather unique arcade mode. There are multiple routes the player can take depending on how the player performs in a bonus fight against a knight. These routes determine which bonus boss the player will face, the most absurd of which being the famed shark.

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