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Fighting Vipers, from the creators of Virtua Fighter 2.

The game also features a recover mechanic that allows for players to recover mid air and counter using aerial attacks, or simply fall faster to the ground where you can guard again.

Completing the game several times with each character unlocks new costumes.

In Japan, the Saturn version of Fighting Vipers had an additional unlockable character, Pepsi Man, the Japanese mascot of Pepsi. He was removed from the US and PAL releases, most likely for legal reasons.

Candy from Fighting Vipers was going to be a playable character in Sonic the Fighters as a cat version of herself. Unfortunately, she was inexplicably taken out of the game.

The console version of Fighting Vipers also included a training mode that marked off every move as you did them properly.

There was also a second options menu with things to unlock including Big Head Mode, and changing the order of the Arcade mode.

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