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Final Fantasy Chronicles, not to be confused with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, is a budget package of two classic Squaresoft games. The games feature a completely re-translated Final Fantasy IV with the references being altered to be correct, and a strict port of Chrono Trigger, both games being made famous originally from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and re-designed for PlayStation in mind. The ports were done by Kyoto, Japan based development team TOSE, who are known for their multiple ports of Square games, but perhaps better known for Metal Gear: Ghost Babel for the Game Boy Color released by Konami.

Chrono Trigger

A snapshot of Ayla in action in one of the many FMV movies in CT

Released in 1995, this RPG classic tells the tale of Crono as he travels through time with his friends: Lucca, Marle, Robo and Ayla to put a stop to a monster that would destroy the world they live in, just one year before 2000 AD. The game features beautiful 2D graphics using state-of-the-art scaling techniques and original character designs by Akira Toriyama. Exceptional music and composing by famed musician Nobuo Uematsu and an original story by Hironobu Sakaguchi. The PlayStation edition features some special extras not found normally in the Super Nintendo edition of Chrono Trigger, such as a music viewer, tech guide and theater mode. The game also has cartoon FMV sequences drawn and animated especially for this PlayStation version of the game. Although sadly, some of the sounds are weaker in quality compared to the original SNES version and the load times are much longer in some sections of the game, which can be a real blow for some gamers who want to switch back and forth between screens.

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