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This game would've been better if they bug tested the combat. 0

Every gamer knows of Squaresoft’s (now Square Enix) famous series, Final Fantasy. It was made as a going out gift, but ironically, it was so much of a success that it allowed Square to avoid falling from the gaming world. As with all successful video games, a follow up was started soon after. However, as does happen with many sequels, it just didn’t live up to the hype and expectations set forth by the original. First off, before anyone who hasn’t played the original fears that I will spoil the...

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Who the hell designed this game? 0

I guess this is what happens when some dude gets a stupid idea. It seems that Square, after the success of Final Fantasy, decided to revolutionize RPG's or something. The genre was still young at the time, so I don't see why someone might have thought it was broken, but it seems they did. So they thought "Hey, how about if you can ONLY level up the abilities you actually use!?! After all, a magic user won't get any stronger right by doing magic right? And a fighter won't get better at magic by p...

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A Tale of Wild Roses And Imperial Corruption 0

  Few RPG franchises have lasted as long as Final Fantasy, and none are able to compete with its thirteen-man roster. This long-running series holds a special place in the hearts of many, but few have played the entire series. Many gamers have played the Playstation-era Final Fantasies, and perhaps even the 16-bit titles, but most haven't touched the NES installments; especially the ugly duckling of the series, sometimes referred to as Final Fantasy 2. Before you get confused about which FF2 thi...

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Solid 0

Final Fantasy II is notorious in Final Fantasy franchise of having one major make or break flaw in game mechanism. My chosen platform for this was Gameboy Advance and the Dawn of Souls version. Having not played this game for the original platform NES in 1988 I can not compare the differences between that and this Dawn of Souls version. Biggest difference here being the ability to save anywhere. This is actually not major improvement since the dungeons are reall...

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