Cautionary Tale about the Remake

#1 Posted by maxx77 (294 posts) -

One of the things added to this version of FFIV are the augments. Don't read any further if you absolutely don't want anything spoiled.

Still with me? OK. I acquired the Counter augment, which causes anyone who knows it to automatically strike back any time an enemy physically assaults them. Great thing for Cecil to have, since you are Cecil and therefore will always have Cecil in your party for the whole game. I gave the augment to him and made my way up Mt Ordeals with my two fledgling mage children, Palom and Porom. Well, the enemies on that mountain have a nasty tendency to put Cecil to sleep...

One of the times when Cecil conked out, I told Palom to wake him up with a friendly little tap on the noggin. "Hey, mister, hey, wake up!" Cecil woke up and took very little damage, just like in the original game. Apparently, Cecil is much meaner now than I remember. Immediately after waking, he initiated his counter attack for over 500 points of damage. My little mage child had 300 total hit points. To add extra insult to fatal injury, Cecil's sword will randomly cause Death on his enemies. The "Death" text appeared above the kid's head along with the 500+ points of damage he suffered. Cecil overkilled him.

What a prick.

#2 Posted by OmegaPirate (5642 posts) -

lol - what a motherf***er

#3 Posted by Endogene (5183 posts) -

hahahaha the bastard, similar thing happens when a party member is confused and attacks him... at least they snap out of it right away

#4 Posted by maxx77 (294 posts) -

Oooh good point, I forgot about confusion. That's gonna suck.

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