FF IV veterans - how do you like the DS version?

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FF IV was the first JRPG I ever played and it is what got me into these games.
Please write about your experiences with the orignal SNES FFIV and maybe if you will buy or not the DS version.

I just started, with limited time to play, so I am at the SPOILER * desert town with Rydia * SPOILER lol.

So far I really like it, I didnt play the GBA version and Im pretty confident that I will take the time to finish the DS version. At least if Square-Enix doesn't remake FF VI in the near future (anyone can dream).

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I like it--and this is someone that has played the hell out of it in other forms.

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Well I heard the 3D aspect was annoying or something on the DS version. I'm hoping to get the DS game as soon as I find my DS. I never really got to play the SNES version, but I loved watching my cousin play it when I was a little kid. It was too complicated for me. Sadly enough, this and FFXI are the only US-released final fantasy games that I havn't played.

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I was thinking about getting it. For someone that didnt play FF 4 on the SNES, is it a good game in general? I also was turned off that it was 3D, because the DS's 3D is basically trash.

#5 Posted by MagusMaleficus (1076 posts) -
TheGTAvaccine said:
"I was thinking about getting it. For someone that didnt play FF 4 on the SNES, is it a good game in general? I also was turned off that it was 3D, because the DS's 3D is basically trash."
Oh hell yeah, it's definitely a good game in general. Play it in whatever form you'd like, but you'll enjoy it regardless of the platform.
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As a kid I played the hell out of the SNES version beating countless times. Kids can't afford games so that is why I played it all the time. I'm loving the DS version. Some of the voices don't sound right but that's because I had my own voices on the non-voice SNES version. The auto-battle option has to be the best thing ever to happen to FInal Fantasy IV - at least for someone like me who know what is going to happen next and can plan accordingly.

Anyone reading this who doesn't have the game... get it, now!

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Its the one game that may get me to buy a DS... I loved FF2 (SNES) The music alone is worth the buy.

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Thinking of buying this or FF3 remake for DS ... what do ye guys think?

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I'm only just now to the point where Rydia joined up too, so I've barely scratched the surface of the remake. I'm not totally sure how I feel about it yet. Part of me prefers the original, part of me appreciates that it's a different version of a game I've played many times, and part of me likes the frosted side of mini wheats.

I don't think I'll ever hate or love the DS remake, but I will play it through to the end. I don't mind the graphics at all, or the voices. I'm not crazy about the battle animations though. They look very dated, like there's not enough movement. Limited movement is fine for 2D, not so much for 3D.


"Thinking of buying this or FF3 remake for DS ... what do ye guys think?"
Visually, I think FF3 remake is easier on the eyes. The graphics and style are very well suited to that game in my opinion. I never finished it though. I got stuck and couldn't figure out where I was meant to go to further the story. I liked it though, but maybe because I'd never actually played that one before, so it was like a new game to me. FFIV remake on the DS, definitely a better game overall, but if you've played it before, you might want to get FF3 first for something different.
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I enjoyed FFIII DS at the beginning but I never finished it either because I also got lost and didn't know where I was going. If you like story in your game I'd go with FFIV DS.

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#12 Posted by MasterOfPenguins_Zell (2120 posts) -

I played the Advance version and now this one. I like the voice acting, glad to see it on a portable game. And the 3D is pretty good for the DS.

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I was not a big fan of the DS version for some reason I believe these games should stay 16-Bit but maybe that's just my nostalgia kicking in.

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