Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Hits PSP In April

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#51 Posted by ch13696 (4760 posts) -

So, it's pretty much buy the After Years and get Final Fantasy IV for free and a $10 instant rebate. Definitely going to get this since I thought the After Years was a rip off on WiiWare anyways.

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#52 Posted by TheHT (14096 posts) -

Sweet! Cecil was my main in Dissidia and Cain is pretty awesome in the 012 demo. Would be nice to actually experience their stories.

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#53 Posted by Kayrack (367 posts) -

might grab this one

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#54 Posted by wadtomaton (570 posts) -

whooo can't wait! hopefully I can have persona 3 portable done by then >.>;;;

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#55 Posted by lasafrog (120 posts) -
@jschmoe said:
"This will be number 5 for me.  I'll only get it for the After Years stuff.  Great game and all, but I've bought it a lot.  Get to making better games.
I have
  •  the SNES original cart
  • GBA
  • DS remake
  • VC.

I have those versions in addition to the PS1 "Chronicles" edition with Chrono Trigger. 
And yes, I agree. It's time to make something new, like a current gen final fantasy that isn't linear garbage. 
Still, I'll be buying this because I'm an idiot. 
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#56 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

Oh my god they're re-releasing the shit out of this game.

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#57 Posted by Chirotera (57 posts) -
@xyzygy said:
" Oh my god they're re-releasing the shit out of this game. "
True. But keep in mind that this also comes packed in with everything that was offered in FFIV: The After Years - which previously was only obtainable if you owned a Wii. Considering that I don't own a Wii, I'm rather looking forward to this.
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#58 Posted by ashogo (952 posts) -
@lasafrog said:
And yes, I agree. It's time to make something new, like a current gen final fantasy that isn't linear garbage.  Still, I'll be buying this because I'm an idiot.   "
You along with many other people, it seems. I'm surprised how positive the response is in this thread.
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#59 Posted by Kato (189 posts) -

I'd totally buy this if it was FF6 instead of 4 :(

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#60 Posted by Toothsaw (64 posts) -
@freshym said:
" Why does this game keep getting remade? So many good Final Fantasies could be remade. 5, 6, 7. Especially 6. The GBA version is great, but it's the title most deserving of a full HD console remake. Instead of remaking great games they just put out shit like 11, 12, 13, 14, Agito, Versus, whatever etc.. Stop making new crappy games and remake your classics and see why they're considered classics. Hopefully it would inspire them to make a modern classic instead of the fucking garbage they've been spewing out after 10. "
Dude, videogames are a means of expression. You can't just expect developers to create a couple of games and then spend the rest of their professional careers remaking the same 2 games over and over again! 
What if the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Queen only made a couple of albums and then, year after year, they kept on redistributing the same albums? 
Videogames evolve, people's tastes change, the developers always look for something different, an always-new way to express feelings and thoughts. 
Later FF games are crappy? Maybe. They're different. Each of us has his/her preferences, older FF games are way different from later ones, but there's people who like more the new type of FF games. It's called tastes. 
I love some videogames more than others, but I cannot expect to play the same 4-5 games every time. FF IV is great, I agree. I replayed it on the DS. I liked it again. I playe Chrono Trigger on the SNES. I replayed it on the DS. It's okay. It was a lot of fun. But I also want to move on. I can't think of myself playing only Chrono Trigger, FF IV and other remakes for the time being. I also want to see new games. Will they suck? I won't play them. There will also be good games though. Those I definitely will play, but I won't call for more remakes instead of new crappy games. I like some of the new FFs. They're different from the old ones, but as long as I don't expect them to make a new FF like FF VI or VII, I can totally try it and appreciate it for what it is. 
Please stop comparing new games to old ones. The videogame industry and the people are totally different. We're talking about 20 years ago. That's a LOT of time.  
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#61 Posted by Nario (105 posts) -

I totally look forward to this!
I am a fan of the Anniversary PSP edition of FF1 (though I do NOT like the port of it on the iPhone), so knowing that FF4 will get the same treatment in graphics and how it will also include The After Years is very exciting!

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#62 Posted by EdsXwing (64 posts) -

Give FFVI a remake treatment... *shakes fist at SE*

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#63 Posted by nok (393 posts) -

Sorry have not been following the story but really the PSP? Just bleh...
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#64 Posted by CharleyTony (1022 posts) -

I really hope they release this game on psn, after I got a psp-go, 

it has been disappointing to see so much square enix releases not make it onto PSN

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