Gametrailers Review of Remake

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Final Fantasy IV kicks ass. 9.2 and deserving every point.

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9.2, that's all I need to know! I won't bother watching that review. I want it to be as "fresh" as possible when I play it.

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Philosoma said:
"Final Fantasy IV kicks ass. 9.2 and deserving every point.
I second that!
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9.2, that's all I need to know! I won't bother watching that review. I want it to be as "fresh" as possible when I play it.

So did I, I didn't read any articles, look at too many screenshots, or watch videos online from the Japenese version myself. It needed to be fresh as well for me.
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Looks better graphically then FF7! The game in my opinion is also better than FF7.

I want this game.

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Nice, I was expecting high scores after finally getting a chance to sit down a play a bunch.

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lol drawing Snake's face.


#9 Posted by MasterOfPenguins_Zell (2120 posts) -

I still don't understand augments very seems like you have to do everything right with them to really make them useful...but whatever, I'll use them as I see fit for now..maybe get more technical in later playthroughs..

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I want a DS and this game right now.

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maxx77 said:
"9.2, that's all I need to know! I won't bother watching that review. I want it to be as "fresh" as possible when I play it.
It's a remake. It hasn't been fresh for 15 years.

I don't get why you guys support this bullshit. Games like FF3 and FF4 selling well and games like The World Ends With You not selling well is why Square Enix does this crap. It's despicable.
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It's a remake, it's not the exact same game. New graphics, redone music, voice overs, little extras here and there, better translation, etc. It's a new version of an old game. It's worth not spoiling the experience whether a person played the previous versions or not. It's a "refresh" of Final Fantasy IV more than anything. "Fresh" very much applies.

I don't need to reply to the other comment you made, as it's not directed at me, but I'm bored and need to kill 5 minutes, so here goes:

Square-Enix does "this crap" because people like the rest of us are very willing to buy it. I have World Ends With You as well. I stopped playing a few hours into it. Just not my thing. I like new games and think they should be made, but I like replaying classic games too. I'll still play Donkey Kong from time to time. If Nintendo did a Donkey Kong remake that was compelling enough for me to want to play, I'd buy it. What's wrong with that? Game developers might as well update good games rather than pump out crappy games. Don't want the remakes, don't buy 'em. Don't want sequels, don't buy 'em! It's that simple.

The existance of remakes doesn't keep new games from being made, or keep innovations from happening. The very fact that they made World Ends With You proves that more than anything.

Just because other people are into games that you don't like doesn't make it despicable that they aren't buying the games you like. Besides people who did own FFII back in the day who are buying FFIV-DS now, what about the folks who haven't ever played it at all? It's a brand new game to them. Why shouldn't they get to own a piece of gaming history too? Can you not still go buy the movies Citizen Kane and Star Wars? Good games, like good movies, are going to be sold for as long as people appreciate them. Hopefully that will be forever for games like this one.

A better argument to make is if Square should be messing with the game and releasing it like this, or if it should exist in its original form. Are they screwing with a classic? Should old games be revised or sold in their original form? That's something that could be debated, much like how people debate if old films should be digitally corrected or left the way they are.

Damn, that took 11 minutes.

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