So how long is this game?

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About 20-40 hours. I beat the JP version in about 23 hours and I didn't get all of the secrets. If you get all of the secrets, and play the New Game+ function so that you become powerful enough to kill the two secret bosses (similar to the weapons in FFVII) I imagine you could spend over 40 hours on the game.

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Depends on how much you like to side-quest, level up, hunt for items/summons, etc. If you stick to the story and only level-grind when you need to, I'd agree with the 20-40 hour mark. I'm sure you could expand it far beyond that if you took your time, though.

I don't know if it's my MMO-side kicking in, but I actually enjoy just running around fighting random battles for EXP and gil. Haha.

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Considering it is a JRPG...a hell of a long time.

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