This game is tough

#1 Posted by KillerRabbit (72 posts) -


Just completed this for the first time. My thoughts? Well it's pretty good overall and i had that experience of not being able to put it down at times..

But: It's hard. I haven't playeed it before, and i had to use guides in order to get through some of the harder areas and bosses.

Well i had fun.. now i think i'll continue with FFVII for PS One..

#2 Posted by EvilPirateJohn (32 posts) -

I played it for the SNES and remember the end to be really tough.  I never had trouble figuring out what to do next, it was just that some bosses were rough.

#3 Posted by deathfury (493 posts) -

This game makes me rage when I'm just about to beat a hard boss and then he wipes my party...

#4 Posted by JJ (178 posts) -

I know things are harder this go around and enemy strategies have changed. So after I defeat any boss before I go to the next location I usually hang out and level up about 5 levels.
The only reason I'm playing this still is for the new cut scenes and dialog. Its probably been about 10 years since I last beat it.

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