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Final fantasy 9

This is my first review and i am totally psyched because this is one of my favorite games. Well first off i will talk about the graphics. For a PS1 game the graphics were fantastic!!! I myself have played many PS1 games, and the graphics on this baby were godly. Not just during game play mind you but the cut scenes...... make me want to cry every time i see them. Square Soft did an excellent  job on this game.

Up next i will talk about the story and characters. the main story for Zidane is to find where he was born. he meets up with the rest of the party at later times in the game but all before the end of disc 1. The main character starts out in the Tantalus a group of thieves that are trying to kidnap princess garnet, but come to find out she wants to me taken away from her fat pig mother. Princess garnet is part of a long lost summoning tribe believing that she is the only one of her kind.... Untill you meet Eiko. But i will tell you about her in a little while. Anyway Steiner is her knight in shining armor. He will do anything to keep her safe. Up next is Vivi. he is a black mage golem. he is on a quest to find out who he is and why he was put on Gaia. Vivi can cast black magic on Steiner's sword to enhance his power. Quina is a blue mage who want to be a gormand chef. in order to fulfill his quest he travels with the group and eats any thing that comes in his way. Amarant is a monk ninja who is strong and can throw any item that you have in your inventory. freya is a burmecian dragoon knight. Sha is amazing with her jump abilities. now Eiko she is the other summoner you get . she focuses more on the support summons than attack. Her best summon is mog. Mog is her best friend that travels with her ever where she goes.

Now time for the villians. First is Kuja, My favorite of all the bad guys but a close second is garland. Garland eventually turnes out to be a little good. Princess Garnet's mother hires mercs to get back the falcon claw. Those two are amarant ( one of you party members) and Lani the master of the ax. Beatrix is some what of a villan untill she turnes trator to her country Alexandria and joins you to fight for a little bit, but i wish she could be on your team forever because she a SWEET fighter. There are many more villans but you will just have to play the game and find out now wont you.

Well I think it is about time to end this wonderful review and say solong everyone and if you havn't played this you should play the game. it was a amzing addition and in my own oppinion the best in the series. So I strongly agree to play this game.

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