hanzoadam's Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (Nintendo DS) review

A Highly Addictive game

So the game to come after the ledgendary Final Fantasy tactics advance and it lives up the name its a great fun game which can be played for hours. The only problem is that all of the missions were to easy as I did every mission when I could and when it was available I leveled up extremely fast and the enemys died well easy.

Graphic- The graphics are'nt that much, based on the old games graphics improved a little they are quite bright at places and plesant.

Sound- Most of the music is imported from the old game and has some of the old charming tracks that we all fall in love with the new tracks are on the same line.

Gameplay- Easy to pick up and play. There is lots to do, the storyline is'nt very strong and you end up doing the other missions over the storyline can be very addictive as my top file is 99.20hrs but by the time youve read this its probably gone way over. The game plays like the old one but with the DS touch screen which could better off not being used, the good thing is you dont have to.

Summary- Highly addictive (can't think if thats a possitive or a negative) with lots to do and unlock a fun game to play if you enjoyed the GBA veresion


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