One of the greatest games of all time released on iPhone today.

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As some of you may know this game was announced last year, but has been repeatedly delayed. Well as a big, pleasant surprise to me, it is out today on the iPhone. This is an improved version of the PSP release.

I played this game when it was originally released on the PS1 and it is still one of my favorite games and one of my favorite soundtracks. It is definitely worth picking up at the $15.99 price even if you've never played the game and don't have that nostalgia factor like so many of us do. The tactical, class-based gameplay is deep and the story is full of war, politics, betrayal, etc. So check it out, yo.

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I own it for PSP but never played it. Should I get it for iPad instead?

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iPad version is delayed until Fall, but I would definitely wait and get the iPad version if I had one.

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This would be good news, but its on an iPhone....

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Did they fix that godawful slowdown the PSP version was saddled with?  I'm prefer a version of the game wherein you don't have to wait a good 40 seconds for a simple monster attack animation to go through.

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@Make_Me_Mad: It says they have improved the loading times, but I won't really know until I play it. I'm downloading it right now.

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I heard this game is really hard, and can be quite frustrating. 

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@RaikohBlade said:
I heard this game is really hard, and can be quite frustrating. 
It can be.  It'll definitely teach you to hate and fear Chocobos.
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Been wanting to check this out. That's a pretty high price point though, gonna wait to see what others are saying before I purchase.

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Why are quality games never released on Android?
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Any idea if it will be on android? Cause the apple has been rotten for a long time.

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As much as I want to play this, justifying any where near $16 for an iPhone game is atrocious. If I end up getting this, it will be for the iPad and paying for a remade title at that cost still makes me cringe even on the iPad.

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i would get this for my iPhone except its gonna murder my phone's battery life...

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I picked this up for my iPhone today as an impulse purchase. I'd thought about getting the original PSone version on the PS3, or just grabbing a emulated version, but I assumed the portability aspect would work really well with the turn based gameplay. 
Glad I got it. A few nuances, but so far the slowdown has been minimal as worst. It's not completely unnoticable, and I have yet to see larger crazier attacks, but I know it was one of the main things the team addressed during development. 
Also, by default they have a little tooltip appear before your actions, explaining what do to and how to do it. They also (annoyingly) appear if you accidentally select a target that's out of range or something, forcing you to click okay in the bottom right before you can reselect the correct unit. THANK GOD you can turn them off in the options window. 
I never played tactics, but I'm a big time fan of Squares games (first one was SMRPG way back when I was a youngin on the SNES). I admit I bought this on impulse, but I'd been itching to play this game. It might not be the definitive version, but it's certainly a capable port. If you have an iPad, wait to get it on that.

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I played the original PS1 version.
Good game, though I prefer Tactics Ogre.

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Heh, I remember when this game first came out and I couldn't find it anywhere. I was like "Man, I'm never going to play Final Fantasy Tactics." Then, by some miracle, I found it at a KB Toys in a mall.

Now you can find it everywhere. You can literally play it on your phone if so choose. I don't know how it plays on a phone, but the availability of that game is awesome.

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$15 for an iPhone game is nuts. Now if it was a universal iPhone/iPad app that would make some sense.

Has Square-enix ever put iOS games on sale? They have a lot of good ones on there.

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That's pretty amazing. I remember never really getting into it on the PSP, but having it around with me 24/7 will definitely help with that. 
Buying right now. Turn based strategy games work great with a touch screen, and there need to be more iPhone games that take advantage of it.

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@kud12001 said:

$15 for an iPhone game is nuts. Now if it was a universal iPhone/iPad app that would make some sense.

Has Square-enix ever put iOS games on sale? They have a lot of good ones on there.

When they came out with Secret of Mana last year they had all of their games at half off. I bought most of them. Too bad they didn't do a sale with this game as well, but with as much content as you get with this game I think it's worth it.

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This game is actually pretty well done. It doesn't run silky smooth, but it gets the jobs done. I can play Tactics portably without having to use a PSP with horrible slowdown, it doesn't drain my battery to terribly, and while it took a few hours to get used to the controls, I'm perfect with them now. I'm very glad they have the okay buttons on the bottom right, they really help. 
By the way, this game is damn hard.

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