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Final Fantasy Tactics is still one of the best RPGs ever made. 0

I was a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series, I had not missed a single one during this period (ok, there was only 1,2,3,Mystic Quest and 7 at this point), so when Final Fantasy Tactics came out, I was hyped beyond belief despite little info on the game.  Either way, I picked up Final Fantasy Tactics the day it came out.  It wasn't a jaw dropping experience at first like Final Fantasy 7 was, but Final Fantasy Tactics grew on me faster than any game ever.  There was a few disappointments, like th...

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Final Fantasy Tactics: A Hidden Gem in Gaming History 0

In 1997 Final Fantasy Tactics was released by Squaresoft for the PSX (PlayStation 1) alongside one of the most famous JRPGs (Japanese Role-Playing Games) of all time: Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy Tactics was almost completely overshadowed by Final Fantasy VII’s overwhelming success. Tactics became a less popular game because of its competitor, but remains a terrific game with an engaging plot, smart gameplay, dazzling visuals, and memorable music that deserves your full attention.In the word...

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More than the classic 0

    Many years ago Final Fantasy Tactics hit stores for the PS1. For me this game was the shift from simple games like Crash Bandicoot to more difficult, and more interesting games. FFT was a one of a kind game for its time. It was a grid based, turn based, strategy game. Now with Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lion (FFT:WOTL) this game has just gotten better.    Two new character classes are now part of the mix, Dark Knight and Onion Knight. The Dark Knight is a one man team who dishes out l...

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A Lion-esque Showing 0

I must give Square-Enix huge props for bringing Final Fantasy Tactics, one of my favorite PS1 titles, to the PSP, and having added extremely significant value in the translation. To start with, the game looks crisp. It's a testament to the screen real estate of the PSP and the craftsmanship of the designers that I never had to squint to pick up the figures and numerals that flash on screen during combat, and all of the original visual flairs are readily apparent here.   Everything I loved about ...

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Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Review 0

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is an update to a very loved PlayStation game. Well it is sort of an update and then again its a port. It takes the game of old and puts some new shine on some places, and gives some additions to others. If you liked the game the first time around you're going to like it this time around as well. FFT puts you in the land of Ivalice where you will have to assemble a group of characters and battle to save a princess and a nation.The graphics are fitting ...

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Final Fantasy Tactics Video Review 0

This is a video review for Final Fantasy Tactics. It is a two-part video and intended to be one of the most in depth reviews for the game.         ...

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