Who saw that coming?

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This game is now coming to the PSP along Parasite Eve: The Third Birthday. I'm shocked! I wonder if there gonna be the same game that was intended for the mobile or will they make the gameplay relevant to the PSP.

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Hard to say really. I've read that Agito's gameplay is supposed to be very similar to Crisis Core - so it should be ok on the PSP. If that was the plan when it was a mobile phone game - who can say?

I doubt they would just carry over what they were doing on phone 1:1 for the PSP.

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I hadn't heard about the agito, so i was more shocked that they were making a version of FF XIII on the psp

#4 Posted by brukaoru (5134 posts) -

I always knew there were 3 titles planned in the Final Fantasy XIII universe, but I didn't know one would be on PSP. I thought it would be cell phone or DS... Well this is good news because I happen to own a PSP :)

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@SadPatrol said:
" Bump "
What exactly was the point of that?
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 I....I uhh, I don't really know
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 I think it just died again

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