How's the PSN Version?

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I've been looking at finishing up some of the older Final Fantasies I started, but never actually finished (4-6). While I do own all of the old games on the GBA, I would have to play them on my DS, which, in addition to not having some buttons on that old thing work, would require me to use (and find) cartridges. I would much prefer having a digital version that I could switch between playing on my PSP and my PS3. Pretty much all of the Final Fantasies are available on PSN, but considering their status as PSone "classics", I assume they use the older versions that appeared on the PSone, from before they were retranslated for the GBA. Are these versions and translations decent? While I haven't heard that many bad things about the FF6 translation, I have heard some about the FF5 one (I.E., protagonist's name being Butz). How much of a difference does the new translation make? Is the Engrish used in older versions charming, or annoying? Should I just suck it up and dig out my DS?

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I know FFVI on PSN is the anthology version (that came with V). If I remember correctly there was some slowdown with that version and the translation won't be as updated as the GBA version.

Game is still great regardless though I'd say get it on PSN it's readily available and you won't have to find a cart.

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It's fine. Might have to deal with load times but there shouldn't be an issue.

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The translation on 6 is fine. 5 is a bit wonky at points, but still a fine game. I wouldn't worry about load times. The PSone versions had some notorious load times, but mainly because they were reading discs.

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If I'm not mistaken, you can change the name in 5 so the protagonist's name being mistranslated ought not be a big problem.

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It's not the preferable way to play it, but its still alright. The loading can be annoying though. And the evade bug is still in it. If you can, play it on the GBA if portable systems aren't a problem for you.

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I have no frame of reference since I'm playing it for the first on the GBA right now, but I've been enjoying it. I haven't noticed any weird translation and they added a few dungeons to it. I'd recommend it if you ever change your mind.

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holy shit. i wasn't even aware that these games were on PSN and i just got a PS3............i will be buying these very soon, rhank you. And sorry i didnt answer your question

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Now that it can be played on my Vita I will probably get a copy of FFVI soon, will give me something else for Extra Life.

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People elsewhere were posting pics and it looks awesome on Vita. Still has those loading times though, but they're not that bad, more so if you've never played it before like I have.

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Is it available in the US for Vita yet?

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It's the worst version. The load times are inexcusable since the entire game could have fit into the system's RAM. Get any other version of VI you can find.

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@sodacat said:

It's the worst version. The load times are inexcusable since the entire game could have fit into the system's RAM. Get any other version of VI you can find.

A bit of an overreaction. The load times are pretty bad but that's the only strike against it.

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The PS1 versions are an abomination since they immortalize the downsides of optical disc loading times which didn't even exist in the original release.

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If you can get any other version, except the smartphone version, get that one.

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It's fine. It's a bit sluggish in comparison to the SNES original, but nothing too bad. Just adds like a second of loading times whenever you do anything like opening a menu.

It's a minor inconvenience to play one of the best games ever created.

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I couldn't deal with it, the snes version being the last one I played before this, those load times made me impatient, which is crazy because they aren't THAT long but when you add that shit up(all dose battles), it's fucking looooooong. I feel like it's close to uninstalled Lost Odyssey(probably not even close because I installed the shit outta LO after a few battles).

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