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This one may seem a little silly, but I figured I'd throw it out there.

For some reason, ever since I was a kid, I changed some of the names of the characters in FF6.  Some started off as a joke, some I'm not sure why, but to this day there are certain characters I always rename.  Here's the ones that stuck:

  • Shadow = Ace (Why, I'm not sure.  Can't seem to recall why, but I've always continued to.)
  • Edgar = Poe (For some reason I always thought Edgar was too normal, so I went for the last name of Edgar Allan Poe.)
  • Gau = Animal (Whenever I read his text as a kid, I always did it in the muppet, Animal's, voice.)
  • Strago = Blue (This one is relatively new.   I did it once as a kid because he was a blue mage, but since the movie Old School, he's my boy, Blue!)

Here are some I used to use and don't anymore:
  • Setzer = Gambit (I always was a fan of the X-Men.)
  • Locke = Robero (At combination of the fact that he "robbed" people and it was a nickname of a friend.)
  • Mog = Moog (I've always pronounced the name phonetically "Mogue" and that is how Andy Moog pronounces his last name.  He was a former goalie for the Boston Bruins, in case anyone is wondering.)

Yeah, so that's my list.  I know, it's kinda lame, but I figured I'd see if anyone else does the same thing.
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Maybe I was OCD, but in Pokemon, I always named the main character Ash... At least in Red, Blue, and Yellow.

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I thought we were going to point out things like Terra's name being changed from the Japanese version's name, Tina.

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LiquidPrince said:
"Maybe I was OCD, but in Pokemon, I always named the main character Ash... At least in Red, Blue, and Yellow."
me too, I all ways kept the original name for characters unless they had no actual default name.
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I changed Edgar's name to Gerad. So later on in the game, the dialogue is screwed because Edgar assumes a new identity, calling himself Gerad. "That Gerad person looks exactly like...Gerad! But how? And Gerad behaves nothing like Gerad..."
The devs also did a bit of renaming too: What were once Cafés in the original SNES version have subsequently been renamed to Pubs. Yet when you enter the building, the overlay will still show CAFE. 
And Fenixdowns have been changed to Phoenixdowns.

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I changed Locke's name to Brandon. Also Squall's, Cloud's, Bartz's, Zidane's, Cecil's, and Tidus'. This Brandon fellow is like the new Link (except in Oracle of Seasons, that dude was Brandon, too).

When I got older, I kept the original names.

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I rename all my RPG characters to the different beams from the Metroid series.

For example for FFVI it would go:

Terra - Wave

Locke - Charge

Edgar - Ice

Sabin - Plaz


I would eventually run out of beams and would have to get a little bit more creative from there, but I always go through the beams before anything else...dont really know why.

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Here's my name change Final Fantasy VI - Shit.

I kid, I kid. I changed none of them.

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