What platform should Final Fantasy VI be remade on?

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With all the hoopla of a Final Fantasy VII remake I was wondering if there would be a Final Fantasy VI remake first. I wouldn't mind that. Although some purists will hate the idea. What do you think?

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no remakes please, here or in movie land

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I dont really need a remake, I wasent ever that hot on FFVI but I never got that far into it before I got bored with it so if I wanted to play it again I would just play the SNES version. For me the remakes of FFIII and FFIV werent all that interesting, since im a fan of retro games I already had easy access to both games and would just play them as NES/SNES games on cartridge or through emulation which would give me a choice of platform. Shinier graphics and voice acting arent all that interesting to me. If they were to remake it on PS3/360 (or probably Wii) it would take almost as much effort as a new game so id rather they just did that.

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The DS2.

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The only Final Fantasies I have yet to play are 6 and 9.  I hate playing really old games on computer emulators, but love relaxing on couch, playing a portable version.  DS please.
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I was soooo excited for FFXIII but now that everyone is saying its not that great, I think square needs to go in a completely different direction. Instead of making any new FF games, they should just go back and remake them all starting with the very first one. Give them all a graphical revamping and only change the gameplay mechanics if they desperately need to be changed. Also, the first one might need a little more work than the rest but still. Some people would get mad if they remade all of them but who cares. As of now I'd rather play a remake of any of the old games than the new stuff they have put out for the last like 10 years. 
Just think about it though. How crazy would it be if the next game that Square announced was FInal Fantasy, no numbers, just Final Fantasy.

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Doesn't need to be done.  But if it is, do it on the PS3/360. (Neither VI or VII would be exclusive to the PS3, especially following very strong sales for the 360 version of XIII)

The DS would be utterly pointless because it would likely be done in 3D, similar to III and IV and would end up not looking as good as the original did.  The Wii/PSP don't seem like enough of an improvement either.

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No remake. Im not interested in how modern Square Enix would update a game where, not unlike Chrono Trigger, they've managed to completely miss capturing the appeal of this game and tranferring it into later games. They would make the dungeons longer for no reason and make it even easier than it already is and Shadow would be covered in zippers. Just no. Obviously if the people left understood the appeal of the games people who are now long gone from the company made they wouldn't be making these baffling lukewarm games. Just stick to "modern" FF, they were never all that great to begin with outside of how they looked.

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squenix said they'd do it if it could be done in a year. they then went on to say that it would be impossible to do it in a year. 
seems to me like there wont be one!!!!!

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Uh I liked the remake of IV.
It was pretty good?

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Part of me really doesn't want a remake, as I'm worried the essence of what made it great would be ruined. I really didn't like the art style of the Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV DS remakes. That said I loved the higher res sprites/widescreen support of the remade FFI and FFII, so I would love to see it remade like that, but since the PSP is a dying system I doubt we would see that.
Maybe PSP2?

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They already re-released it once on GBA.  All I really want is to have it on an SD card so I can play it on my DSI.  It's a pain having to dig out my SNES just to play it. 

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I'd love a remake for the DS.  FF3 and FF4 was great, and I'm currently in love with 4 Heroes so the more FF games the merrier.

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