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Final Fantasy VI: Best in the Series 1

The Final Fantasy series is one of the longest-running and most famous series in the videogame industry. It started out with Final Fantasy for the Nintendo Entertainment System as a last-ditch effort by Squaresoft (now Square-Enix) to save the company from bankruptcy; it ended up becoming one of the most profitable and loved franchises known today. Final Fantasy VI debuted on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994 (the successor to the Nintendo Entertainment System), the last in the fr...

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An Essential RPG 0

Final Fantasy 3 was the last "numbered" Final Fantasy game on a Nintendo system, and in this gamer's opinion is still the best Final Fantasy in the series. Sure, the graphics aren't on par with Final Fantasy 7's, but the story has yet to be beat. Final Fantasy 3 begins with an Imperial raid on the small mining town of Narshe. Recently unearthed in Narshe was a frozen Esper, a being of magic. With the group of Imperial soldiers is a girl who's memory has been robbed by the slave crown she wears. ...

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One of the top 5 RPGs ever made 3

FF3 stepped the Final Fantasy game up in America.  It employed the same basic mechanics of the previous Final Fantasy but added improved graphics, one of the most compelling story-lines of any game ever made, and interesting additions to the battle mechanics.  The most notable achievement is that you can pick your party of 3 from out of a pool of maybe 10 characters, all of which share the same basic attack and item abilities but each of which has their own special abilities, such as the thief c...

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Not just the best JRPG or SNES game - but simply the best game of all time. 0

A superb game that is far too commonly overshadow by it's successor, Final Fantasy VII. Released in a time in which the JRPG was a niche genre, Final Fantasy VI managed to make a heart rendering, deep and engaging JRPG which was very successful for it's time and still holds up very well to this very day. - GAMEPLAY -It offers nothing new in particular except for the Esper and stat growth system. All the mechanics in general are more reminiscent of Final Fantasy IV as oppose to the entry before i...

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It was Okay 0

I started playing this and thought it was really cool. The graphics, music, and story suck you in from the beginning and all the characters are interesting.As you gather more people and play with them you feel like your getting stronger and stronger. The multiple party sequences are interesting and you couldn't have them without so many characters at your disposal. You get attached to all of them and want to see positive resolutions to their problems. The villains are as crazy and power hungry a...

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Still One of the Best After All These Years 0

I can still remember buying Final Fantasy 3 (I didn't know about 2, 3 and 5 back in the day) at my local Electronics Boutique for $79.99 on the SNES all these years ago when I was 12 years old. Needless to say, I played through it countless times and it has always had a special place in my heart. I recently played a copy of the GBA version over the holiday break to relive the nostalgia and figure out whether it still had the magic from my childhood. While there are a few things about the game th...

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Another Great SNES Rpg 1

Final Fantasy III was the last final fantasy to be released on the super nintendo. Final Fantasy III is an amazing Rpg with a great story and great game play. There are many characters to choose from having in your party. Some of the most interesting parts of the game were when you would have to make multiple parties and they would be in different areas doing things which would affect another party. A lot of fun interactive ideas in the game mixed with great storytelling make this an amazing gam...

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stood the test of time 0

it's hard to contextualize the greatness of this game in the world of modern gaming. i can't describe the vastness of this game when i first encountered it as FF3 on SNES. its story spread further than any game i had ever played. but...a great history is great, but is this game still great? after playing it for over 50 hours, i have to say it has stood the test of time and remains a great play, even if you don't have any personal nostolgia for it. i've played a lot of modern gba games, from fire...

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