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Another Great SNES Rpg

Final Fantasy III was the last final fantasy to be released on the super nintendo. Final Fantasy III is an amazing Rpg with a great story and great game play. There are many characters to choose from having in your party. Some of the most interesting parts of the game were when you would have to make multiple parties and they would be in different areas doing things which would affect another party. A lot of fun interactive ideas in the game mixed with great storytelling make this an amazing game. One of the biggest forms of plot/character development is Kefka. This is how you do a villain right. You know him from the beginning and you can actually see him slowly becoming more evil and more crazy over a period of time spanning the whole game. This is where many rpgs go wrong, they make a crazy villain but he comes out of nowhere, with this game you see Kefka all the way through and you can tell he is going to be the main villain right off the bat. The battle system uses the ATB system that final fantasy II did and it worked with that game so why fix it if it isn't broken. All of the party members have an exclusive skill. The character Gau has a skill where he jumps on an enemies back then returns to your party a few battles later with that skill learned. This is similar to how a blue mage functions throughout the job oriented games in the Final Fantasy series. Then there is a character like Sabin who's character specific move is called Blitz. With this command open you press a series of button commands from moves you have learned and with the correct output he will do that move. With all of the characters in the game you may think that it would be hard to be able to have a lengthy plot development surrounding all of the characters but not only does Final Fantasy III do this well I believe that this game is the best game to have done that. With the length of the story and the multiple side quests it is easy to stray away from the main story for a long time and do all of the extra things. Overall this is a great Rpg that nobody should miss or has an excuse to miss because it has already been re released on the Playstation and the Game Boy Advance.

Posted by Kournelle

w00t!  SNES for the win.  Tried playing this game, hated, but loved the review.

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