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stood the test of time

it's hard to contextualize the greatness of this game in the world of modern gaming. i can't describe the vastness of this game when i first encountered it as FF3 on SNES. its story spread further than any game i had ever played. but...a great history is great, but is this game still great? after playing it for over 50 hours, i have to say it has stood the test of time and remains a great play, even if you don't have any personal nostolgia for it. i've played a lot of modern gba games, from fire emblem to ygddra union, and this remake can still beat them in terms of gameplay, fun, story, and scope. if you can get by the slightly weaker music score caused by the gba's hardware, and a character development system that is simplistic (fresh gripe brought about by recently playing the FF5 gba remake), and a less expansive 'extra dungeon' experience, this game rewards on all fronts. great balance, pacing, characters, and story make FFVI a must buy. and that's not even factoring in the nostolgia.

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